Competitive Prices

Roots Pest offers top quality and complete destruction of annoying pests. From spiders to raccoon and bees to rats. We deal all kind of pests and remove all type of wild life from your area. And our company gives you the best results.

How much Pest Control Costs?

Our highly skilled labor offer you affordable rates in your area as compare to others.

As Roots pest control and extermination experts, our many years of service, have successfully rid a large number of homes and businesses of over 100 different species of pests and animals.

It also provides residential and commercial fumigation services, we also provide pest control and extermination services for the following:

  • Raccoons, Squirrels, Birds, Skunks
  • Bed Bugs, Seasonal Ants
  • Cockroaches, Flies, Fleas
  • Wasps & Bees
    Rats & Mice
  • & much more!

Our professional team of Roots pest control is highly skilled. Most importantly our products and labors are extermination experts are fully insured and licensed by Ontario’s Ministry of Environment. We use only the highest quality products and equipment so that we can maintain Quality to help you with all your needs. Most importantly we guarantee full satisfaction on all the work we do at competitive and affordable prices.


Roots Pest Provides these following services like First of all Pest Control in Toronto and Pest Exterminator in Toronto. Bed Bug Removal in Toronto and Ants Control Services in Toronto. Cockroach Control Services in Toronto and Raccoon Control Services in Toronto. Furthermore Fleas Control Services in Toronto and Spider Control Services in Toronto. Mice Control Services in Toronto and Wasp Control Services in Toronto. Pest Exterminator in Toronto and Residential Pest Control in Toronto and Finally Pest Removal Toronto and almost all type of pests Control services.

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